Femkit is committed to fairness in every aspect: honoring you, our team, and our suppliers while respecting the planet we live on. We have created an alternative way to realize these ideals.

Femkit is a Berlin-based slowfashion brand that deliberately avoids in-house fabric production and instead relies on German and European stock. A lean production model avoids overproduction and allows for balanced pricing.

Cooperations & Partnerships

Transparency and fairness guide all steps of our manufacturing processes. Small series of our collections are manufactured by our production partners in Szczecin (Poland). The proximity to Berlin is decisive for us. Over the years, a close, well coordinated and trusting cooperation has developed.

The majority of our collection is created in our Berlin studio, which has now grown into a manufactory with five women in the production team. The local production allows us a very special proximity to you and our suppliers. New ideas and your individual wishes can be implemented immediately.

Local production

The heart of Femkit beats in our studio in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg. This is where our collections are created locally and on site. Here we manufacture your wedding dresses, implement your individual wishes, sew special designs and fulfil requests for alterations and adjustments.

In addition, the majority of your online orders are created in our studio. This way we avoid overproduction and you know: Your favourite pieces have been lovingly handmade by us for you.

A depot of high quality fabrics, a large selection of cuts and a number of industrial sewing machines make this possible. Most importantly, it's in the hands of our passionate studio team who knows and loves its craft.

Fabrics & Materials

We deliberately avoid producing our own fabrics. Instead, we regularly search for special fabrics and limited edition remnants from which to draw inspiration. We work closely with our suppliers from Germany and Europe. Some of them have been with us since the beginning of Femkit.

If fabrics are not used in a collection as originally planned, we use them to develop new ideas. The conscious and sustainable use of our source materials and the close cooperation and appreciation of our suppliers is a priority for us.

Team player

Head office with atelier, store, customer service and shipping have their home with us in one common location. As a constantly growing team, we have been working closely hand in hand for years.

Flat hierarchies, short lines of communication and, above all, a friendly atmosphere characterise our daily work.

Each individual is important. Each individual contributes to our success. As an all-women team, the compatibility of career and family is also particularly important to us.
For us, sustainability also and above all means a consistent, happy and strong team.

Quality & Durability

We create favourite pieces that will accompany you for a long time and give you pleasure. Therefore we develop timeless designs, which do not only outlast the trend of a season. In addition, we pay special attention to fit-appropriate cuts and a high-quality finish.

Furthermore, our dresses are exclusively produced in limited small series. At the same time, once developed, Femkit models are preserved and appear in ever new designs. So you can even order your personal favourite pieces again or have individual designs and adjustments made. In this way, our production follows the respective demand. Overproduction is avoided.

The attentive, transparent and sustainable realization of our designs thus characterizes every phase of the creation process of our clothes.

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