The story of Femkit began with the search for a simple, classic dress that flatters the figure and is affordable at the same time. It had to have a certain 'je ne sais quoi', be suitable for every silhouette and occasion, and of course it couldn't be without pockets. Since designer Cindy Schlobinsky couldn't find such a dress through the usual channels, she designed her own.

Thus, in 2011, Femkit was born. Initially focusing on jersey fabrics and twenties-inspired blouse dresses, feminine silhouettes with Viennese seams and sophisticated fits gradually emerged. Cindy's designs are classic and wearable. They breathe the air of yesterday and touch the present. Femkit creates timeless favorites that make every woman's heart beat faster.

Femkit is more than just a fashion label. It embodies vibrancy, feminine aesthetics and timeless elegance that reflect the values of founder Cindy.

Femkit is loved by customers around the world and celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021. We see ourselves deeply as a brand that shares its values and lifestyle with its fans.

It all started in Wedding

In February 2012, Cindy Schlobinsky opened a DaWanda shop with her first eight dresses. As a studied designer and a passionate all around specialist, she created her own look around her designs in her 20m² studio in a backyard in Berlin's Wedding, skillfully staged the dresses and designed the layout and photos completely according to her ideas. Something the designer and passionate photographer still loves to do today.

Within a short time, the shop met with a great response, so that the team and the product range around Femkit have been constantly developing and growing ever since. While the first dresses were still sewn on household machines, over the years professional machines and resources could be procured to get closer to the dream of their own production facility.

Since 2014, Femkit has been based in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg. Initially focusing on sales in its own store, the label was located under the auspices of the newly founded Modekonstrukt GmbH in Eberswalder Straße not far from Mauerpark.

After DaWanda closed its doors in 2018, the own online shop gained more and more importance and the Femkit community grew far beyond the borders of Europe.

Eventually, Femkit found its home at Arnswalder Platz not far from the Stierbrunnen on Danziger Straße. Here, the Femkit team tinkers, works and produces around your clothes and looks and can develop their creative ideas in a beautiful location.

Timeless elegance and perfect shapes.